in the backyard


  1. 09/26/2017 | Outside of School | Jamie xx Loud Places


  2. 09/25/2017 | Soda Pop Scare | Shy Boi


  3. 09/24/2017 | Warning | Waterfall


  4. 09/23/2017 | Venting | HMB


  5. 09/22/2017 | Neighbor | Wake Me Up


  6. 09/21/2017 | Masks At Next Door | Tori Pine


  7. 09/20/2017 | Bugs Life | K SMITH RAP


  8. 09/19/2017 | SMUGGLER | All Star


  9. 09/18/2017 | Village Light | Lofi Hip


  10. 09/17/2017 | In Tight with Her | The Shins


  11. 09/16/2017 | Planetary Mission | Turn Up on Weekend


  12. 09/15/2017 | Desolate Screens | Gosh O Gosh


  13. 09/14/2017 | Samosa House | TS & KW – POYG


  14. 09/13/2017 | Village Park | YehMe2


  15. 09/12/2017 | Village Park | YehMe2

    As I hit the eight day mark with exploration in the backyard, my sense of work contributed has me thinking about change, and how that change adds up. I am looking at nine post of images and text, I look at blog that was built by myself, all of which did not exist prior to beginning of this month. This stacking of contribution is adding up, though not the impact I feel I can reach, it is a step a progression in this journey. I am excited to continue the contribution here and focusing on breath of this journey instead searching after marks. The practice here can be utilized out, where measurements are required. I am just here to be in zone of exploration and curiosity.

  16. 09/11/2017 | Passanger Seat | NOW NOW NOW

    At the end of every project, a sense of astonishment is often achieved about the completion. Many tines I wonder how I got to that completion of said project. I work quite frequently in video production and I am curious about a method of record keeping of each individual change which that occurs in the videos timeline. How and when shifts are made to clips, when a new clip is inserted in timeline, when is a effect or position adjusted and many more. Would a end of day report be beneficial to an editor or its team about what the progress was for the day, could this help in production; eliminate excessive shooting. Could it be produce automatically in the background and emailed to you at the end of the day.

  17. 09/10/2017 | Rio De LA | Turning thought into

    I wonder how phrase enter into mental structure. Like the Grass is always greener on the other side, it takes two to tango, early bird gets the worm. Is it more of representation of structure of our life. If you are already an early riser would you never use the phrase early bird gets the worm. If you are on the greener side would not find yourself look at others jealous of others possession. Is it about reversing the saying or taking on the sayings instead of reminding yourself of those saying. Imagining your side has the greener grass, you have to be willing to dance alone to dance with some one else, that if there is an opportunity to get a worm be the first get it.

  18. 09/09/2017 | Ballona Creek Trail | Focused on that Path

    It has been a fun experience to start my day with creation of this blog. It has been a great exercise in completing a creative project in the morning. I don’t allow myself to get stuck for more then a couple minutes and I don’t lose focus by disappearing onto web. There is a bit of grit I feel developing in myself to accomplish this morning project. I have already felt its impacts on my other work. I hope to continue to expand this routine adding icon design, small motion graphic animation, little vfx videos and drawings. I would like to to transform the commentary section of the blog by making comments on design books. Practice transforming there thoughts into my own words.

  19. 09/08/2017 | 405 NORTH | Understanding Failure

    Heading North on 405, talking through frustration and sense of failure. That though many of these moment in our life feel like failures or frustration of moments not shared. This is our prospective of those moments, that the viewer doesn’t notice a moment missed an opportunity. It is an missed shot towards a basket that ourselves have fabricated. I wonder how a score board has entered our lives, what systems in force ideas of score boards. That might be an interesting series, of things perviously not measured, now measured. Wonder if you could make a web extension where it finds that information. Would that have an effect on our social behavior, would that effect how we being to respond to things. What would be the definition of items measured?

  20. 09/07/2017 | Keli Ct | Ask for Progress

    Creation is an interesting experience, is it high way robbery or genuine expression. Does an individual copy and apply there lens onto that creation. Is that the genuine expression the application of your lens onto the subject. I am trying to imagine another way I have ever created. Is this a concept of liberation or disappointment? My efforts are just a transformation of ideas of tools that I have used around me. Now I am interested in those tools that have allowed my to create the most. Those tools can vary for every individual and definition of what they want to create can be based around the tools which have provide that life to create more. These tools can vary from money, drugs, sex, entertainment.

  21. 09/06/2017 | SOUTHWEST FLIGHT TO LAX | 5 - 2 - 7

    To move in any direction one can’t be concerned with what is around them. That individual will bump into anything no matter what. Those bumps could be mountains of challenges yet unseen or valleys of past still vivid. Decision is acted upon with motion or with out, which leads to a decision upon that next action to have motion or with out. LA has turned into a city with out motion for me, I have not found how I want to move in this city. There is a clashing of worlds and work, which my answer are not know. My answer don’t produce a report but more of a emotional response, to question of what is my next step. All I can hope for is that I am excited about that step. These worlds are crashing and I hope one step ahead.


    Labor Day weekend in Seattle, ten friends, eight significant others, sixteen draft picks, thirty beers, eight shots, one up chuck, one league trophy, one my little pony shirt, thousands of laughs, two museums, five breweries, one food truck, four flights, five lines waited in, twenty hugs, just a small sum of all that occurred. Seattle as a backdrop for the 2017 Fantasy Football Draft was suburb. The people of Seattle were just the nicest as well, it was easy to start conversation. The weather for running was quite comfortable as well, though the excess of hills did make it much harder then LA terrain. While running my eyes had plenty to look from homes, mountains and water, trees and clouds.


    Nothing like being 10,000 feet in the air, then having a gem of a song rattle in your headphones. Curiosity strikes in where did this come from, how did it make it on to my playlist, when did i add this, am I listening to song repeat“Yes”. Young M.A OOOUUU did that for, this rap who describes their style as “It’s a cold world , so fuck it, I’m a cold girl.” She is nothing but a Brooklyn ice queen, Young M.A made the streets of Brooklyn sound more raw. Leading to battle for who was going to be featured on the spot. Talent from Nicki Minja to xXx but it was swagger “Get Up” 50 cent capture the feature on the track. Prepare your self for a heavy beat and hard flow of OOOUU by Young M.A featuring 50 cent. Enjoy.